Saturday, August 29, 2009

Value comes from mining old personal gold

One of my greatest pleasures at this stage in life is reconnecting with long-known but little connected friends and colleagues over breakfast, lunch or beverage.

Family remains close and contacted, but time, circumstance, geography and interests sometimes keep you away from the hundreds of important players in life that have come and gone over the decades. Their contribution to your development, laughter, education and sense of community and purpose shouldn't go unrecognized.

This week found me sharing chuckles, war-stories and bon mots with three gents I worked with at a major manufacturing company -- one I hadn't seen in two decades, another I've missed for about a dozen years, and a third who shared the pain of a similar life tragedy with me several years ago.

Jim, Joe and Matt are solid citizens, great professionals and renaissance men. Seeing them in person and hearing their voices just makes you wonder why it couldn't have happened sooner. It may be months or even years before we connect again, but the effort to meet, greet and eat demonstrates that a network of associates has greater value than any Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

And, yes, I bought a ticket. And no, I didn't win. But, over the long-term, I had a more valuable week than anyone who did.

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