Friday, August 14, 2009

Belgians skate through Canada for visit

Belgian cousins Luc and Leen are scheduled to visit here beginning tomorrow after a barnstorming tour of eastern and French Canada.

It is heartening to know they are currently visiting Niagara Falls and, in the finest tourist tradition, have taken the Maid of the Mist cruise. It's now official...they are sons and daughters of North America.

We've flocked to the Falls for years and it's still a treat...providing you concentrate on the Falls. The town itself is nothing more than a glorified tourist trap filled with T-shirt shops, wax museums, and emporiums that sell those silly snowy paperweights. The area around the Falls, however, is rich with vineyards, cute Canadian villages and a professional theatre scene that transcends its remote location.

Our cousins will roll down the QEW to 401 and then down the chute that is the 401 -- North America's straightest highway -- to the tunnel under the Detroit River. There's nothing more exciting than visitors from The Old Country!

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