Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day marches on...regardless

People don't want it to rain on their parade and for certain they don't want it to rain on their Memorial Day picnic.

If there was every a psyche up day for smoky barbeque, cold Corona and crunchy potato chips, it's this special American holiday which represents the first day of the summer season.  And don't let anyone spoil the fun with cool temperatures, high winds and spitting' rain.

At a family-style gathering this weekend, a hearty group huddled under a table umbrella, clad in hats, fleecy jackets and the warmth and aroma of fat cigars.  Pay no attention to the black clouds, damp cement and a breeze that could put a kids' kite in the air in seconds.

The holiday would be enjoyed regardless.  Food, family and friends make the festivities even if the thermometer is, quite literally, a downer.