Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ink-stained wretch shares frustration

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the lost days of my life. They are the local-newspaper-delivered-to-your-home-or-office days around here.

The local print rags operating under the business umbrella of a Joint Operating Agreement decided to eliminate home delivery of newspapers on those days. They encourage readers to click on their respective web sites to get Tigers baseball scores, GM bankruptcy updates, and recipes for Crunchy Top Apple Pie and Savory Turkey Burgers.

That's certainly a logical route for the digital, 21st century reader. But these pantheons of journalism still produce a printed product on those days, sold only at stores or in coin-operated newspaper boxes.

Unfortunately, they do not permit -- for some unknown reason -- third party delivery services or hustling entrepreneurs to pick up the slack for readers who still prefer ink on their fingers first thing in the morning. A U.S. Mail option is offered, but who wants an afternoon information fix of stale news?

Information is power for those who provide it and for those who read, interpret and act on it. I hope they will make it easier for all of us to access it.

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  1. Hey, Don...I miss my daily free press delivery at home, as well. I hate trying to read the "paper" on line. Takes 2X as long!

    Joe Lawrence