Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sibling hits major milestone with panache

Hooray! It's Jim's birthday.

My brother, Jim, celebrates a milestone birthday this week...which birthday isn't important.

Very important, however, is the fact he can celebrate another year of brilliant golf shots on the 17th at Redhawk, revel in the delicacy of California Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara, enjoy the health care provided by the Federal government, smile at the serene view from his backyard, reflect on nearly a half-century of marriage, polish the red beauty of the mobile fiberglass, create great framed art out of simple digital photographs, walk the neighborhood in the morning, sip a strong Peet's coffee in the middle of the afternoon, pontificate about professional hockey strategy, demonstrate excellent Weber grilling technique, flatten a chicken with his bare hands, and just enjoy what passes for fresh air in southern California.

May we all be so lucky. Hey, life really is good. Happy birthday, brolove!

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