Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weather serves as metaphor for reinvigoration

It's amazing what a run of sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and bearable humidity can do for a region down on its luck and up on its bankruptcy.

People walk cheerfully with extra bounce, kids play engage in chatter and laughter with one another without the artificial aid of electronic gadgets, and store clerks feel the love with their customers. There is indeed a new day in Michigan and it is ours to enjoy.

For most of this summer, the weather has been a combination of cold drizzles, cumulus sun blockers, and temperatures more suitable for October. The new wave climate of early September has removed the stain of a summer lost for vacationers, golfers, gardener and other weather worshipers.

Sure, the leaves will turn color and the air will ripple with cutting chill before month's end. Change is inevitable and somewhat welcomed.

But I believe that change will mark a seismic shift in the outlook and attitude of a region that has picked itself off the ground many times before now. Better days are ahead.

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