Friday, September 18, 2009

Respect for civility finds no audience

Yes. No. Thank you. Please. Congratulations.

These simple yet powerful words continue their devaluation in today's society. The current state of civility in the United States has gone lower than garter snake through the weeds. And I thought it bottomed out a decade ago.

No one seems to know when to shut up anymore. Worse yet, boorish behaviour or verbal indiscretions derided and dismissed by sensible people can be converted into fame, fortune or infamy by the perpetrator.

Joe Wilson, the South Carolina rep who dissed President Obama as a liar in a joint session of Congress, gets wrapped on the knuckles by his colleagues yet manages to raise millions for his re-election war chest. If we can't respect the message, can we at least respect the office?

Kanye West, rapper and self-styled video critic, upstages a young singer's greatest professional recognition on a national broadcast. And, the next night, he just happens to turn up on a late-night comedian's opening show with what is described as an apology. Orchestrated for ratings? The band plays on!

Respect for words reflects respect for people. Neither group now gets what it deserves.

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  1. Don, I am amazed at the lack of civility these days, and I find it everywhere I malls, my son's high school, etc. You name it, and it is there. Thanks for the comment and hope some people will finally listen.

    - Joe Lawrence