Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forward looks bring hope

Somehow it just doesn't feel right.

It's a week before Thanksgiving and the buzz of excitement around the upcoming holiday season just isn't there. It seems easy enough to get excited over golden roasted turkey, rich pumpkin pie, Aunt Sally's incessant chatter and the overpopulated, unsupervised kids' table. Not to mention, too, the thrill of Detroit Lions football broadcast nationally.

The regional mood is as sober and listless as the overcast weather. It's been a tough year for the old mitten state. Well, actually a tough half-decade. I thought things would look up after 2005. Instead, they've remained flatter than milk on a platter.

What to do? Get outside, do something, spend some time with a friend, enjoy a glass of syrah, walk in the fresh air and look ahead at what's possible instead of dwelling on what might have been. It's better to smile standing vertically than frowning down on the sofa.

In short, I've seen this movie before. And, in time, it has a happy ending!

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