Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Driver sees red over yellow lights

It makes even the most cautious, careful driver accelerate faster than a NASCAR racer lurching toward a win at the finish line.

A yellow traffic light is no longer a signal to slow down, yield or prepare to stop. It's an invitation to fly ahead and through faster and meaner than a bull running and snorting through a scarlet cape.

In the process, it has made everyday driving a dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. In the last two days, I've witnessed frantic left turns on yellow and run-like-hell-through-the-intersection on yellow that would drive even a rookie driver education teacher nuts.

OK, now, take the pledge. Slow down, relax, wait out the 30 seconds it'll take the light to turn. You'd want someone else to do likewise.


  1. Oops...sounds like me.

  2. Good sound advice. I have been working on driving more patiently. Good goal for most everyone.