Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wine glut opens opportunities for new tastes

Vintners are unloading excess wine onto the market at an exponential rate, providing great prices and great quality to wine consumers. The result is better wine, more choices and exceptional values.

Caught in a perfect storm of global recession, cash-strapped consumers and industry overproduction, the wine industry is liquidating a world-wide glut of juice.

Marketers are inventing new label names for brand-name clients who find few customers willing to pay extreme mark-ups for their signature bottlings. They are maintaining brand integrity but are more than willing to siphon off their excess capacity to labels they'd probably never admit to producing.

For a consumer willing to venture away from their usual favorites, the rewards can be substantial. The promotion aisle at your local store is ripe with bottlings from lesser-known regions and areas, as well as blends of complimentary grapes that yield exceptional drinking. And the prices are right!

Wine has everything to do with individual taste and preference, not high price or media ratings. Be curious, be confident, be bold, ask questions and be happy you're drinking in the golden age of wine!

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  1. hey, don...

    liked your posting. I tried some new bottlings at the stores the last couple of weeks, and a lot of it was plonk. You have to be careful, but it is fun to experiment and try new offerings.

    - joe lawrence