Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zen and the art of fall home maintenance

Maintenance in, cash out.

Today is the day I'm get to wait impatiently for the furnace technician and the sprinkler guys to show up for their annual rites of fall. And it's certain they'll find something to fix beyond the cost of the service call. I've found the call is merely the price of admission for service providers to enter your house just to find bigger and better things to repair and bill.

It's like going into McDonald's for a double hamburger for a couple of bucks only to be served a Kobe/Wagu hand-patted burger dressed with artisan cheddar cheese on a roll that contains half the grains produced in Manitoba...priced for service in midtown Manhattan.

But, on the other hand, I like to stay warm in the middle of February. I also enjoy turning on the automatic sprinklers in June to keep the lawn in some semblance of green without leakage caused by winter freezes. It's cheaper to blow out the lines in the fall than having the whole system dug out in the spring.

So I will welcome Noah the furnace tech and Brandy the water-line shooter with open arms today. At least until I have to close them to write the checks.

A note: Today would have been T Hab's 55th birthday.

She would be very proud to know the house is still standing. T was a
meticulous maven of maintenance of home, health and husband.


  1. I thought about Teri today on her birthday.She was such a great person and loved by many. I sure miss her! I did not realize she shared the same birthday as a good friend of mine...Barb Becker who has since passed away also. I miss both of them. Your right Don she did a great job in taking care of you!!!!

  2. Great to see a photo of Teri again and to remember her fondly.