Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Health trumps wealth...again

It's a time that keeps it all in perspective.

When you have friends dealing with health issues, it helps prioritize what is really important in your life. This week, one good friend began radiation treatments for a form of lymphoma. The other faces a leg amputation forced by an insidious cancer.

One of them has gold plated health insurance, the other gentleman has none. In either case, the focus has to center on great treatment and full recovery supported by the hopes and prayers of those who love them. In the long-winded political debate surrounding insurance reform and health care reform, the voices of those most affected are often lost in the cacophony.

My morning treadmill run gives me 40 minutes to free-think about people, politics and possibilities. I'm thankful I can reflect without pain and with two legs in full motion.

It's what I hope for the most for my two good buds.

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