Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend spins create dizzy Monday

The late Detroit Free Press columnist Bob Talbert used to slug his Monday column full of information and news bits and pieces as "Monday Moanin'." With a tip to Bob's cynicism and sarcasm, I walk into the weekend's events that spun my brain.

. The Balloon Boy's father: A local sheriff declared last week's search-and-rescue for a six-year-old boy purported to be flying unaccompanied in a balloon over Colorado as a hoax. That was easy for me. Just looking at his dad's haircut made me suspicious. Who's had the Shemp of The Three Stooges haircut anytime in the last 50 years?

. Red Wings mediocre start: Anything less than a Stanley Cup around here causes uncontrolled wailing, gnashing of teeth or potential bridge jumping. Please, get over it and be proud that after nearly 20 years, the team is still better than 90 percent of its competitors this year. Grab a couple of Molson's, a slice of Little Caesars, and chill out already.

. MSNBC/Fox News: Could our friends on the far left and the far right just go out and take a pill? Every TV and radio station, newspaper, magazine, blog, social network and bartender enjoys what's known as free speech in this country. Whether you agree or not, every outlet brings a perspective to the national dialogue on everything from health care to foreign policy to American Idol winners. Everybody benefits...relish the ride.

. Texting: It has eliminated whatever social interaction and talk that was left over since the creation of email. Thumbs have taken over from tongues among the under-20 crowd. At least the gang of four at the local Dairy Queen were very silent -- the four teens were texting each other though all were within four feet of one another. I know, we don't get it. But over the years civilization has survived despite Nehru jackets, Pet Rocks, avocado green kitchen appliances and promotion of Julia Roberts as a serious actress.

Enjoy Monday...I did.

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  1. Hey, Don..I am fed up w/ texting....especially those drivers on the freeway, who do not care who is in their lane of traffic. This is a dangerous practice, and needs to be stopped.